"At the age of 12 I already knew that I wanted to build things with my hands.  I was given the choice between a welder or a Playstation.  I chose the welder.  I spent day and night welding and grinding and building go-carts and choppers.

Later in life, I was fortunate enough to work on the Penn State Race Car team with my brother who was completing his masters in engineering.  The motto of the team was "Fast and Light".  My brother CNC machined the throttle body out of magnesium and I fabricated the titanium headers and fuel rails.  This is where we became addicted to building with the capabilities of CNC machining.

When we decided to pursue designing firearms components we knew that we had to do the manufacturing ourselves to control the quality to our own standards.  We are not just in it for the money.  This is a business created for two brothers to work together building innovative high quality products in America."

Eric Dienno, Owner



Business Objectives

As we grow, we would like to support and employ our nations veterans.  We would also like to donate to organizations that help the mentally disabled 

We also want to take our knowledge of design and manufacturing and train our youth so that they too can harness their own potential to design and build things in America again.  Today I see that too many things are built in China. America needs to remember that we are the best at building in the world.




This was a very challenging engineering project to try to improve upon the simplicity and elegance of the standard Kalashnikov style rifle.  With over 15 years of engineering experience  I truly believe that we   accomplished our goals of improving the design without detracting from the proven simplicity and reliability of the original design.



DX-7 Design Philosophy

The DX-7 was conceptualized as an enhancement to the AK style rifle by only redesigning the components that did not function as optimally as possible.To keep to this simple design philosophy we strived to retain as many of the stock moving components as possible.  Adding an upper and lower receiver greatly improved the ability to mount modern optics and other furniture compromising functionality. The DX-7 is enjoyable to operate as it incorporates an ergonomic thumb actuated safety lever and your hand goes to the natural location on the left side for charging while changing magazines.  The ability to run a magnifying scope or red dot without any compromise is a huge improvement over the stock AK receiver.  Design of the DX-7 has taken over two years and traversed multiple iterations of testing and redesign to reach our final product goals. We have taken our time to ensure the most durable and functional firearm system with very little compromise.